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Ideal for clear water presentations, FatSack Tackle Spinnerbaits are designed to deliver maximum flash with minimal vibration. Built around super-sharp 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point Hooks for maximum fish penetration and strength, each bait also features custom detailed head designs with realistic 3-D life-like eyes and hue-shifting paints. Just like a natural baitfish, the hue-shifting paints allow the heads to shimmer in changing angles of light as they move through the water.

Our NEW (Nightlife) series is made for hooking big fish in the dark. With and oversized #8 “BLACK” deep cup Colorado blade this bait will call fish in from across the lake and is every night fisherman’s dream.

Pull the BIG Hawgs out of the junk Tie on the “Nightlife” series, and Wake-em-Up

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