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When fishing clear and deep water, the use of very realistic and detailed soft plastics has become the norm. FatSack Tackle now provides these features with our Edge Series Football Jigs. Premium powder coat finishes provide added realism and the skirts come full length, giving you the option to use the full skirt, or trim the front, to achieve a slim spider-cut profile. Also featuring a 60-degree flat line-eye Mustad Ultra Point 1X Strong Jig Hook with new 4.3 Microsharp Point Technology, the FatSack Tackle Edge Football Jig is a proven performer available at a great price.


The Football jig head features a high-quality custom unmatched 5-step paint job, and built-in soft plastic keeper, and a flexible weed guard. The “Edge Football Jig” is made with a Fine Wire Ultra Sharp “Mustad Needle Point” hook for a positive hook up with little effort, our BEST jig for longer casts and deep water presentation.


The football head design and placement of the hook allows this jig to be worked through and around rocky structure where most jigs hang up.

Angie's Candy EDGE FOOTBALL JIGS - Wholesale

SKU: 17

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