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Our Switch Blade Swim Jigs feature a brilliant willow blade that’s attached using a premium ball bearing swivel. The unique head design keeps it tracking true and capable of coming through thick vegetation with ease. It is also equipped with a fiber weedguard that’s just the right thickness to deflect cover and still allow for excellent hook sets. Rip it through grass, run it over stumps, or work it through tulles, our Switch Blade Swim Jigs deliver the look that big fish love, with the backbone to haul them out of dense cover.


A unique spin off of the already popular swim jig we have added a spinnerbait blade to the back of our swim jigs to give the jig a new look, feel, and vibration in the water to get a basses attention. Whether you are swimming it through grass, hoping it off the bottom, or bouncing it down ledges the “Switchblade” gives you the little extra flash you need to trigger the big bites.

Blue Glimmer SWITCH BLADE SWIM JIGS - Wholesale

SKU: 40

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