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With our skirt system you can easily reload a skirt onto our punching hub if the skirt ever gets destroyed by age or aggressive fish.


Delivering a few unique features of its own, the Fat Sack Tackle Punch Skirt isn’t just another simple twist on what’s already available. For one, it has a lead insert instead of a plastic or rubber core, which can break on your tungsten weight or get cut into by braid. A deep groove built into the insert also accommodates a full 60-strand skirt, and holds everything in place so there’s no more skirts pulling off the punching system and coming apart. Additionally, the lead insert also provides more action from your skirt because its cone shaped tip doesn’t sit flush with your pegged weight, and allows for a lot more pivoting than other punch rigs. Available in a multitude of effective colors to choose from, what color will Punch your next lunker in to the boat?

Green Pumpkin Candy - PUNCH SKIRTS

SKU: 47

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