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Built to dive into tangled terrain and muscle big fish into the boat, the FatSack Tackle Rock Crawler Arkie Jig delivers beefed-up performance that is aimed at first place finishes. Backed by a heavy-duty 4/0 Mustad Ultra Point hook and molded with a recessed line tie, this Jig gives anglers the strength and performance needed to target big fish in tight spots. Designed with an arkie-style head, our Jigs also work great for skipping, and doubles as an effective casting jig. Using top-of-the-line silicone skirting, this Jig is purposefully constructed without a center for increased flare and reduced bulk.


The “Rock Crawler Arkie” jig features a semi-recessed hook that makes for less hang ups in blow downs and does not allow braided line to pull out where the line tie turns into the shank. This jig features a high-quality custom 5-step paint process, a built in soft plastic keeper, and a flexible weed guard. Our “Rock Crawler Arkie” jigs come in both 3/8-oz and 1/2-oz jig head sizes with a 4/0 Mustad Ultra Needle Point flat eye hook for the best hook penetration possible. This jig will get the fish to the boat in a hurry.


SKU: 43

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