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Ideal for clear water presentations, FatSack Tackle Spinnerbaits are designed to deliver maximum flash with minimal vibration. Built around super-sharp 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point Hooks for maximum fish penetration and strength, each bait also features custom detailed head designs with realistic 3-D life-like eyes and hue-shifting paints. Just like a natural baitfish, the hue-shifting paints allow the heads to shimmer in changing angles of light as they move through the water.

Our NEW “Thumper” series is made with a premium quality extra-large Colorado blade to displace more water than traditional spinnerbaits, along with our hidden weight series heads, 5 stage paint job and an extra sharp Mustad needlepoint hook, you now have a smaller profile with a BIG Thump!!!

Pull the BIG Hawgs out of the junk Tie on the “Thumper” series, and Thump-em-Up

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