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FatSack Tackle Flippin’ Jigs meet the demand for realistic colors coupled with high quality components. Each Flippin’ Jig features a narrow head that will fall through cover and reduce hang-ups. Backed with a Mustad Ultra Point Jig Hook with new 4.3 Microsharp Point Technology, our Jigs offer a high quality painted head that matches every skirt. Several different colors of silicone are blended together to make each skirt look unbelievably real. Available in several eye-catching colors and will produce bites in tough fishing situations due to the natural flow of the realistic silicone skirt.


The Flippin’ Jig head is unlike any jig that you have ever fished before. It is ideal for skipping under boat docks or dragging through structure. This jig was designed for one reason and one reason only, catching “BIG” fish. The Flippin’ Jig comes in 3/8-oz, ½-oz and 3/4-oz sizes and uses a heavy 4/0 hook for the best hook penetration possible.

Upon Special Request, 3/4 oz Flippin’ Jig Head with 5/0 Hook sizes available.

Black Widow FLIPPIN' JIGS - Wholesale

SKU: 39

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