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Now in a compact, properly pruned package, FatSack Finesse Jigs maintain a constant upright position, which helps resist snags and keeps the hook points poised for penetration. Ideal for targeting pressured and lethargic bass, trimmed skirts make it less invasive and more likely to be approached by fickle feeders. Offered in a number of rod-bending colors, our Finesse Jigs deliver a unique, bite-sized package that will tempt the most tight-lipped predators.


The Finesse Flip Jig features a high-quality custom unmatched 5-step paint process, built-in soft plastic keeper, and a flexible weed guard. It’s perfect for those situations when a more subtle presentation is needed. It’s backed by a super sharp Mustad Ultra Needle Point Hook. Both 5/16-oz and 7/16-oz jigs heads comes with a 4/0 Mustad Ultra Needle Point hooks for the best hook penetration possible. This jig will get the fish to the boat in a hurry.


Brown Purple Rubber FINESSE JIG - Wholesale

SKU: 18

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