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As versatile as it is effective, our Swim Jigs provide the type of all-purpose performance that puts bass in the boat no matter how it’s fished. Whether you swim it, skip it, or flip it, our Jigs feature 3D eyes and a flowing silicone skirt that will trick the biggest and most seasoned bass into biting. In thick cover, our Swim Jigs feature a high-quality fiber weedguard and a conical head shape that helps them navigate tight spots with ease. Backed by a super-sharp Mustad black-nickel hook, our Swim Jigs are sure to be a fixture on your deck from the first cast to the last.


Our Swim jigs are simply the best swim jig ever built hands down!

  • Custom 3D eyes that provide additional realism
  • High-quality custom unmatched 5-step paint process
  • Built-in soft plastic keeper
  • Custom balanced head
  • Flexible weed guard.


This jigs comes in 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2-oz sizes with a 4/0 recessed Mustad Ultra Needle Point hook for the best hook penetration possible. This swim jig will get the fish to the boat!


SKU: 13

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